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The Island -Prince of Tennis RP-
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27th-Mar-2008 08:14 am - Its time for something spicey
PoT: Evil Inside
There was a sound that boomed in the air. Something that broke the silence of the tropical paradise, and the mansion it surrounded. This sound was that or a ship's horn honking as if it were about to dock, and warning those that awaited its arrival that it was there.

Then, as though they were either hacked into, or magic brought them to life... every printer in every occupied room sprang to life with explicit instructions. Each member of the island game was to board that ship. There would be a chart for room assignments, and a map stating where everything was, should anyone get lost. There would be no need to take anything, because there were already duplicates of everything (aside from pets, which had already been taken).

Once inside, wait for further instructions. The rooms would be locked for twenty four hours following everyone boarding the ship. If not all have made it, then it will sail without them, leaving those left behind on the island forever. Or at least until the ship gets back.

(ooc: I thought it was time for something. ^^ I'd been saying I wanted to revive this, and now... I finally am. lol And uh, sorry Sarah. This isn't the idea we worked on. :P )
27th-Nov-2007 04:27 am - Log - Ryoga, Saeki
Who: Saeki and Ryoga
What: unexpected visit, talking, plans for first date :)
When: Few days after last Ryoga/Saeki log
Where: Saeki's room
Rating: PG-15 for making out? >D

24th-Nov-2007 11:12 pm - RP Log: Atobe, Ryoma
Who: Atobe and Ryoma.
What: Monkey King vs the brat. In kissing, among other things. PG13. :x
When: A day or so after Atobe met Ryoga?
Where: Wine cellar, kitchen.

Ponta doesn't taste so bad on me, ne?Collapse )
22nd-Nov-2007 04:22 am - Log ^^ Atobe, Ryoga
Who: Atobe and Ryoga.
What: Random exploring the island plan gone weird, black outs, haunted hallways, frisky spirits :)
When: After the Ryoga/Saeki log, much before the drinking log.
Where: Wine cellar, haunted hallway
Warnings: PG -13 for a kiss >D

As if ghosts exist...Collapse )
16th-Nov-2007 10:29 pm(no subject)
Pretty shy
Who: Fuji and Taka-san
What: Forced into talking to Fuji, Taka gets a nice surprise
When: After all of the logs~
Where: Outside Fuji's bedroom door, and in the music room
Warnings: PG-13 for...Kissing! Lucky Taka-san. And it's a lil long~ But cute!

“I…I think I liked the rejection the other day better than that…” He whispered. Fuji didn’t want him…it was just he was a good guy. Collapse )
10th-Nov-2007 03:20 pm - Log~1.
Who: Niou and Fuji.
What: A serious talk, waffles, rum and...what was that?
When: A little after Fuji's last journal entry and after the last log with Ryoga
Where: Niou/Yagyuu's room, the kitchen
Warnings: PG, quite long....PART ONE
Ryoga, having just gotten back from sneaking down the to wine cellar [which he wasn't entirely sure why it was called that - as it did have other alcohol in as well] carefully set the two bags he'd taken with him down on the bed. At least now he shouldn't have to go back for a while, there was little chance they would get through this much in one night. He'd brought up around 7-8 bottles of various kinds of stuff from the cellar, most of them being spirits [and also 4 cartons of juices - how he'd managed to haul it all up the stairs he didn't even know]. Taking them out of the bags he set all the bottles on the side table, along with the glasses he'd picked up and a few mixers he'd found.
Who: Fuji Syuusuke and Echizen Ryoga
What: Flirting that turns into uh...angst? XD;
Where: Ryoga's room + online at the begining~
When: After...the next log I have with Saeki I think :D;;;
Warnings: Uh mentions of abusive stuff. 

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